Gospels of Otto III

Date: Late tenth or early eleventh century
Location or Findspot (Modern-Day Country): Germany
Dimensions: 334 × 242 mm
Description: This luxurious Ottonian Gospel book is preserved with its original front cover, at the center of which is a tenth-century Byzantine ivory. The manuscript includes portraits of the evangelists, narrative scenes from the New Testament, and an image of Otto III enthroned between prelates and warriors. The orb in his left hand, the eagle staff in his right hand, and his purple robes are all signs of imperial authority. On the facing page, personifications of four provinces (Roma, Gallia, Germania, and Sclavinia), approach bearing gifts.
Relevant Textbook Chapter(s): 1, 6

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Gospels of Otto III, fols. 23v–24r with emperor enthroned Gospels of Otto III, fols. 94v–95r with Mark portrait and initial Gospels of Otto III, fols. 99v–100r with Christ healing a leper Gospels of Otto III, fol. 99v detail with Christ healing a leper