Agris Helmet

Date: ca. 350 BCE
Location or Findspot (Modern-Day Country): France
Medium: Iron, Bronze, Gold, Coral
Dimensions: 21.4 cm in height and 23 × 19 cm in width
Description: This ceremonial, conical helmet is an early example of Celtic art, and in particular of metalwork from the La Tène culture. To produce it, a craftsman covered an iron cap with bands of bronze overlaid with gold leaf, as well as coral cabochons (polished stones) attached with silver rivets. It is covered in geometric ornament, including palmette motifs. The helmet was discovered in 1981 in a cave near Agris, France
Relevant Textbook Chapter(s): 1
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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Musée d'Angoulême, Agris Helmet