Interactive map of sites, objects, buildings, and monuments in the galleries

Maps in Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages: Exploring a Connected World (Cornell University Press, 2022)

Chapter 1

Empire of Alexander "the Great"

Roman Empire

Sasanian Empire

Chapter 2

Roman Empire

Age of Migrations

Byzantine Empire under Justinian

Chapter 3

Europe and the Mediterranean ca. 630

Western and Central Asia ca. 630

Chapter 4

Major States ca. 750

Chapter 5

Western Europe ca. 814

Islamicate World and Byzantium ca. 900

Vikings 8th to 10th Century

Chapter 6

Major States ca. 1035

Chapter 7

Pilgrimage Routes to Santiago de Compostela

Major States ca. 1130

Chapter 8

Europe ca. 1210

Islamicate World ca. 1185 to 1200

Eastern Mediterranean ca. 1180 to ca. 1250

Chapter 9

Major States ca. 1300

Chapter 10

Major States ca. 1400


All textbook maps by Jeff Allen.