Buildings and cities in Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages: Exploring a Connected World (Cornell University Press, 2022)


Lalibela complex

Tinmal Friday mosque

Chapter 1

Ara Pacis

Asklepeion at Corinth

Dura-Europos Christian house

Dura-Europos Mithraeum

Dura-Europos Synagogue

Lepcis Magna


Chapter 2

Church of St. Peter, Rome

Holy Sepulcher complex

Lateran Baptistery

Qal'at Sem'an

Sardis Synagogue

Synagogue at Hammat Tiberias

Chapter 3

Church at Mren

Church of San Vitale

Church of St. Peter, Rome

First mosque in Medina

Hagia Sophia in Constantinople

Red Monastery

Takht-e Soleyman

Chapter 4

Dome of the Rock

Great Mosque of Córdoba

Great Mosque of Damascus

Mosque of al-Mutawakkil, Samarra

Qusayr 'Amra

Chapter 5

Abbey church of Saint-Denis

Great Mosque of Kairouan

Koimesis Church at Skripou

Madinat al-Zahra'

Palace and chapel at Aachen

Plan of St. Gall

Samanid Mausoleum

Tokalı Kilise

Chapter 6

Abbey church of Saint-Denis


Great Mosque of Córdoba

Madinat al-Zahra'

Monastery of Hosios Loukas

Mosque of al-Hakim

Sviata Sofiia in Kyiv

Chapter 7

Abbey church of Saint-Denis

Cappella Palatina in Palermo

Church of the All-Holy Mother of God, Asinou

Durham Cathedral

Fontenay Abbey

Great Mosque of Isfahan

Holy Sepulcher complex

Kerak Castle

Pantokrator Monastery in Constantinople

Pisa's civic center

Ribat-i Sharaf

Sainte-Foy at Conques

Urnes stave church

Chapter 8

Cathedral of St. Dmitrii, Vladimir

Church of Hagios Demetrios, Thessaloniki

Canterbury Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral

Divriği mosque-hospital

Hagia Sophia in Trebizond

Hermitage of St. Neophytos

Incomplete Friday mosque, Rabat

Mikveh at Friedberg

Sultan Han

Chapter 9

Altneuschul in Prague

'Attarin Madrasa

Chora Monastery

Lalibela complex

Naumburg Cathedral

Qala'un's complex


Shrine of Ahmad Yasavi

Uljaytu's Mausoleum

Chapter 10


Bibi Khanum Friday mosque

Gur-i Mir

Karlštejn Castle

Peribleptos at Mystras

Prague Cathedral

Samuel Halevi Synagogue

Sultan Hasan complex

Ulugh Beg in Samarkand

Wienhausen Abbey

Chapter 11

Milan Cathedral

Monastery at Batalha